Saturday, September 13, 2014

Addy's Hexagon Quilt

I told you this summer was a crazy sewing summer for me. I finally got to some sewing projects that have been laying around forever. I bought this darling fabric for my daughter a few years ago. I am determined to make all of my kids a quilt. Since my daughter's birthday was over the summer it was the perfect excuse for me to make this for her. I started with a jelly roll and sewed 2 strips together. Then I used a triangle ruler, to cut perfect triangles. 

Next I laid out all my triangles to form hexagons. This is my favorite part when you see the quilt start come together. Then I simply took all the triangles in each row and sewed the rows together.

Addy was so excited to get her quilt. She jumped on it and hugged it. It is a beauty for an even more beautiful little girl

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