Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fun Planner Gifts

Hello Everyone! How's it been going? I am so excited to share some fun planners with you today. These are two planners I put together for my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. It was so fun to gather little goodies to add to these. It is my new go-to personalized gift. If you are thinking of a good gift idea for Christmas, this would be a great one!

I used these Heidi Swapp memory planners from last year. I love this mint color one. It has a grey chevron inside. I think these colors go with just about anything and are a great combo for anyone. Have you seen Heidi Swapp's new memory planners for 2016? They are beautiful! She is showing them on HSN tomorrow! You can also see it here. I am a sucker for a good floral and all the gold is beautiful too!

So when my sister-in-law opens up her fun planner these are all the goodies I tucked inside. I also gave her a personalized laminated dashboard, because these memory planners do not have one. 

I love this combination of lemon yellow with the teal. So cute!

These are all the fun goodies that were tucked in that large pocket inside the front cover. I wanted to include my favorite go-to planner items. I added some fun Heidi Swapp stamps, some 4 x 6 cards, some gold planner stickers, and of course some amazing wash cards! I love that she can try out lots of different wash tapes. I just used what I had in my stash! 

These are some more fun goodies I had stashed in those little pockets. I added some fun ephemera, 
3 x 4 cards, tags and cute paper clips. This will give her lots to work with when she is decorating her planner. 

This is the backside of her dashboard. It's a darling picture of her 3 little kiddos. I love how it shows their personalities. I jazzed it up with a cute tag, that orange 4 x 6 card, some little phrase strips, a Heidi Swap paper clip, and washi tape along the right side. I love giving things a pop of color!

I was so excited to send this to her. I love planners because they are such a creative outlet. You can stay organized, set goals, document memories, add pictures, and have fun with it. It's all my favorite things! I wanted to include all the fun extras so she can create on the go and have everything she needs. 

Happy Birthday girl!

This next planner I made for my mother-in-law. I used the same Heidi Swapp teal memory planner. I added an elastic band around it to hold it together and added a cute charm and tassle

I just love how it was stuffed with goodies!

Here's a seek peak at what she will see when she looks inside. 

This baby is packed!

I also made her a laminated dashboard. I added a fun photo with washi tape so she can change it up whenever she wants to. 

For this planner I did something a little different. I set it for a the school year, so it runs July through August. Then I used the month of July to add photos of our trip up to the farm. 

I loved how the beginning here has the look and feel of a mini book. I added lots of tags and photos for layers. I left blank spaces so she could add her own journaling and thoughts. 

I decorated the calendar with fun memories from each day of our trip. 

Since July would not be used for planning. I just added photos and memories. You can also add these over the top of planning pages or on blank pages of your planner. 

I wanted to add as many photos as possible, so I also added photos right into the planner. I simply taped 2 photos together and hole punched through it. 

This will be a great way for her to remember our fun trip together and for her to try out a planner. I am so excited about these fun gifts! Planners are so much fun!

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