Saturday, September 13, 2014

Addy's Hexagon Quilt

I told you this summer was a crazy sewing summer for me. I finally got to some sewing projects that have been laying around forever. I bought this darling fabric for my daughter a few years ago. I am determined to make all of my kids a quilt. Since my daughter's birthday was over the summer it was the perfect excuse for me to make this for her. I started with a jelly roll and sewed 2 strips together. Then I used a triangle ruler, to cut perfect triangles. 

Next I laid out all my triangles to form hexagons. This is my favorite part when you see the quilt start come together. Then I simply took all the triangles in each row and sewed the rows together.

Addy was so excited to get her quilt. She jumped on it and hugged it. It is a beauty for an even more beautiful little girl

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Studio Calico's August Sandlot Kit

I am so proud of myself and used my entire Project Life Kit from Studio Calico for the month of August. I simply kept it on my desk and added it to different projects until all of it was gone. I am so happy!! Here are the 3 two-page Project Life pages I made with this kit.

Since this kit had some back to school themes to it, my first thought was to wipe out some pictures of when my daughter started school last year. I love the title reminding her to Shine Brightly when she's at school and with her friends. I used a new color pallet for me, pink, yellow, and grey, with some black and white. I love how it came together. I really like how kits push me to try new things and mix new colors. It helps me to grow as an artist. And speaking of growing, I was super pregnant in these pictures and wanted to highlight that as well. I love the "about us" card. It's my favorite. 

"Shine Brightly"

For the next layout I pulled lots of bright colors for a fun summer feel. I loved the oranges and blues, and the vellum stars were such a fun addition for a week about cheer camp. The "awesomeness" card is pretty awesome, so I used it for a title and the rest fell into place. One of my favorite embellishments to work with was the clear tabs. I stamped them to the tops and sides of various cards and they are such a fun addition. 


This last two-page Project Life layout might be my favorite. The "beautiful day" title card steals the show. I added some florals, for a bight fun summery page. I love the bright colors, and the multicolored dots on the right. The book paper pocket kind of grounds the layout by the addition of some cream. This layout,  just reminds me of summer. 

"Beautiful Day"

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Car Day

I love teaching preschool. I love teaching children and watching them discover and learn. Everything is an adventure. I love that children learn through play. I love turning fun thing into teaching moments. I also love fostering children's creativity. For a fun preschool day we let our creativity run wild

I worked on making the road. I simply cut black felt into strips and curved pieces and added a white line down the center with a white sharpie paint pen. 

The kids decorated fun cars. I simply hot glued some wheels on a toliet paper roll. Then the kids used markers to make them their own. 

Next the kids colored some buildings, mountains, and houses to make our city complete. 

Then we put it all together. 

Hours and hours of fun. 

Monday, September 1, 2014


I hope you all are enjoying back to school. I love the freedom of summer, but love the routine and schedule of school. I just miss my kids when they are gone all day. I wish the school day was shorter. 

Now I'm busy with teaching preschool, taking care of the little ones, cleaning over and over again, working on my bachelors degree, planning school and church activities, and finding time to live a creative life. How do you guys juggle it all? It's a constant struggle isn't it? Each week I sit down and set goals and plan my week. Some of my goals for this year are to spend more one-on-one time with my sweet kids when they get home, focus on reading my scriptures, and blog more regularly. (I guess exercising will have to be on the back burner for now, oh well. You'll still love me if I don't lose those 10 pounds right? lol) 

This summer we had lots of preschool camp days. We started by having a fun stuffed animal field day. Everyone brought a stuffed animal and came up with a game for us to play. We had three-legged races, toss your stuffed animal in the circle, a tug of war, and more. It was fun to play outside and learn about team work, sportsmanship, and leadership. 

Then we came inside and painted some houses for our stuffed animals. I bought these small packing boxes at Walmart and then cut out doors and windows. Then I let the kids paint away. 

After paint the big kids added details with markers. 

It's all ready for a little stuffed animal to live. 

These were a great art project and were lots of fun to play with! I hope this gives you some preschool art ideas!