Monday, October 22, 2012

Trick or Treat

So are any of you ready for Halloween? I AM!! I can't wait. I was so excited to take Christy Tomlinson's class Pumpkins & Cider! I got all my Halloween decorations out in September. I knew I was going to want to make some more decorations, so why not get a head start right? One of the reasons I love Halloween is because we are always in town. It's great to get out all my stuff and shop the clearance sales after Halloween is over.  Well here's a look at what I have been creating. 

As you know. I love my sketch book. I took Christy's idea of doing kids in costumes and ran with it. I love using memories as inspiration. Memories of Halloweens with my girls. Memories of Halloween when I was a kid. I love capturing memories on canvas.

I knew I had to do a darling little Lady Bug. My daughter was a Lady Bug for her very first Halloween. I had this really cool vintage book on plants or something. And thought this branch would look so cool. 

Then of course I covered it up with paint. I really tried to paint with my fingers, which I never do. I have some baby wipes on my art table and am constantly reaching for wipes to wipe off my hands. I must have gone through like 20 wipes!! I just can't help it. 

So here she is. I love the play on red and black and white with the blue background. So cute. 

This is my first girl with a face!! It's super simple, but I really like it. 

I used lace on the wings and big the white dots with my sharpie paint marker. It's one of my new favorite things. Lately, fun sharpies have been like candy at the check out counter. I can't help but grab one or two and throw then in the cart. 

I had so much fun with run-ons on this canvas. I loves layering them up. I'm running low on my favorite "stitches" rub-ons. Anyone know where I can find more? I don't know what I'd do without it!!!

I also had to do a Bumble Bee girl, like Christy did in the class. I tend to stick to a more simple style, but I felt like, it's Halloween. This girl can be as bold and crazy as can be. I thought, just go for it. I just had to keep telling myself to add as much as possible to her. I kept feeling like it was too much and this was crazy, but in the end all the layers come together. I really love her. 

I seriously want to do like 10 of these little cuties in costumes. Hopefully I have time for a few more!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creating the Sky

So I had to make a preschool board where I could put the weather, and letters and different things we were learning. In the Mother Goose Time kit I had gotten, they had the idea of creating a garden and then hanging review items on a clothes line. I totally loved the idea and wanted to create a board like that. Now I could have just gone and gotten blue poster board, but what fun would that have been? 

I thought this would be a great project that would help stretch me a little as an artist. I was going to create a huge background to be the sky. I was only allowed to use the color blue and was only allowed to use my paints and sprays. I did a few layers, and thought it looked horrible, but what else could I do? 

I kept coming back to it every few days and would add to it. Add another layer, be a little braver. Add something else. It was a great project and I love the result. Whenever I'm teaching preschool I love using this board. It makes me happy. 

the sky

Don't you just love all the layers and texture?

My preschool garden board.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Find Joy

I love this blog post from Christy Tomlinson. I was inspired by her July Mixed Media kit tutorial. I had to use the same turquoise color since it's my favorite color!!! I just used book paper on the back ground but I loved this technique! It's pretty simple and creates beautiful depth and texture. This is one of my favorite quotes, "Find joy in the simple things." That has been my motto these last 6 months. It's so easy to focus on the few things that go wrong rather then all the things that go right. I try each day to remember the things that I am grateful for. I am grateful that my children are healthy. I am grateful that my husband has a job. I am grateful for my baby's sweet giggles. I am grateful for ice cream and another warm summer day. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his love for us. I am grateful for art and the joy it brings to my life. What are you grateful for today?

I've been playing around with this technique too and can't wait to show you what I've done. Here Alisa Burke used dimensional paint to create a raised surface. I just used could old Elmer's glue. Stay tuned for more. 


I also found these amazing boards on Pinterest. You can find the tutorial here. I love the quotes and the texture in the background. I think my favorite one is the Wake Up Little Susie. I love painting and painted these awesome boards to display in my home. 

I did a fun Christmas one last year. How cool would it be to do a Halloween themed board with some book paper in the back ground. That would be awesome!!! I just might have to go make a whole bunch more. Painting and Pinterest are so much fun!