Friday, July 18, 2014

Ruffled Dresses

Can you tell that I have been in a sewing mood lately?? lol. These dresses are so cute and so easy!!! This idea is one I got from my crafty friend Becky. She made these dresses for her little girls for Easter and every time I saw them I loved them! I knew I had to make some for my girls! They are so bright and colorful! 

It's really easy. You take some pre-ruffled fabric and sew it on to a shirt and then add some ribbon over the seam. It's that easy. I did some where I simply sewed it to the shirt and some where I cute the  shirt and matched up the edges and then sewed. The second where you have to cut the shirt is way easier. You can do the ruffles horizontal or vertical. 

I did them each with different colors and shirts so they each have their own feel. I love them! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Maxi Skirt Love!

I saw some cute knit at Hobby Lobby and finally got up the courage to make some maxi skirts!!! These make the perfect summer outfit. I used this tutorial here. Which gave a rough outline. We also used a maxi skirt I bought at Target for an outline. Of course I'll have to make more, so when I get it down I'll put together my own tutorial. 

I love these little cuties! 

Next I wanted to make something from this old baby blanket I had. It was light weight, the edges were surged. It was practically screaming- turn me into a skirt. I simple folded it in half so I would have a ruffle and because it was really long. Then I rolled the edge and stitched it. I inserted some elastic which caused it to gather. 

 It turned out perfect. I love it!