Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hand-stamped Leather Bracelets

I love these hand-stamped leather bracelets. They are soft and comfortable and go with every outfit. I love that they are not too fancy. I can wear them with a simple jeans and t-shirt or bling them up in a bracelet stack! These are available now in my Easy store, Juliana Hall Creates. You can also follow me on Instagram at julianahallcreates for deals, coupons and flash sales. 

But my very favorite thing about them is the positive messages. Each is a beautiful reminder of love and positive affirmations. It's a reminder that life is beautiful, that I am beautiful, that there is beauty all around us. 

It's a reminder to "be strong"

to be "fearless

I've even made some for my sweet little daughters. 

I made these "fierce" bracelets with this quote in mind, "though she is but little, she is FIERCE!"

I hope these bracelets will inspire you to have "courage"

to "GO and DO"

and so much more.

Each bracelet comes with two snaps, so they are adjustable and comfortable.

These bracelets are perfect for your One Little Word for the year, a word of encouragement, or to express positive thoughts!

One little word can be powerful. "Charity"

My Little guy loves to help when I'm hammering. 

These bracelets are available in my Etsy store HERE. 

You can also Create a Custom Order with your own word or saying. The possibilities are endless.