Monday, July 6, 2015

Studio Calico May 2015 Kit- Carolina Moon

Mom & Me

Lydia is my little buddy. She is such a momma's girl and I love her so much. I wanted to document our special relationship. I pulled out the black, white and pink papers from the kit. I used the Scrapbook Kit and Project Life Kit. I followed a two-thirds to one-thirds ratio for my background. I had roughly two-thrids of the background black and one-third white. Then I added paper strips, a Project Life card to hold my title and subtle accents. I loved doing a layout with so much black and white. It's such an awesome trend right now and makes for an awesome layout. I like how this layout has a modern bold feel to it. 

Best Buds

This page is for my daughter's scrapbook and I used the same design principle, except I flipped the ratios. I used two-thirds of the background white and one-third black. (I flipped it because I had the left over black from the last layout.) Then I added the same paper strips, project life cards and subtle embellishments. I simply changed it up to use what supplies I had on hand. And I think I like this one better! It's more balance. I ended up adding more blue as a subtle accent and i like the way it adds some cool tones to a high contrast page. 

Fun in Sun

This may be one of my favorite layouts ever. I love the bright blue with the burnt orange color scheme. These are not colors that I am drawn too and I don't know if I would have had them on hand. That's what I love about kits. They help you stretch and try new things. These colors were so perfect for this layout of my son at the pool. 

I struggled forever with where to put the title, then finally just plopped it right in the center. I'm so glad I did because it really draws your eye in and keeps the focus on the photos

Have you scrapbooked any summer photos yet? I know sometimes as scrapbookers we are scrapbooking holidays and events at totally different times then when they were taken. We could be scrapbooking Christmas in July, or summer when there's snow on the ground. I love trying to stand current, but it's so hard. So when I'm playing catch up. It's fun to print some current photos and scrapbook what's going on now. I'm always more in the mood to scrapbook Halloween photos when it's Halloween, ya know what I mean? This layout just feels so summery, and I don't know if I could have captured that feeling if I had scrapbooked it at a different time. Try it, you might just fall in love with scrapbooking current photos, and don't worry, that stack of photos will still be there waiting when you get back to it. 

Here are also some of my project life layouts from May. 

I love the black and white with pops of pink. The big MAY 2015 came in the Studio Calico Project Life kit and I painted it white. I really wanted to stay within to accentuate that black and white color scheme. 

I love how this card turned out. It originally said "coffee and books" but I don't drink coffee, so I used the letter tiles to cover it up and put "summer." Then I listed what books we have been into this summer. It's a great little memory and makes me smile when I read it. 

For this layout I really played up all the orange and blues in the kits. Have I ever mentioned I'm really inspired by color? I liked playing with this color scheme for a fun summer page. 

I love this picture. It was taken at my daughters fun run! Such a fun memory. 

This Project Life Spread is a mix from different kits. We had a week in may where it rained nonstop so I had to use some of these rainy day cards!

Sometimes I like decorating the outside of the pocket pages. Here I added some fun stuff to the outside of a pocket on the middle right, and here's how it looks in my album. 

I added this arrow and star and some title cards that spell out, "just go to bed." lol. These two were goofing off and having fun. lol.