Monday, July 14, 2014

Maxi Skirt Love!

I saw some cute knit at Hobby Lobby and finally got up the courage to make some maxi skirts!!! These make the perfect summer outfit. I used this tutorial here. Which gave a rough outline. We also used a maxi skirt I bought at Target for an outline. Of course I'll have to make more, so when I get it down I'll put together my own tutorial. 

I love these little cuties! 

Next I wanted to make something from this old baby blanket I had. It was light weight, the edges were surged. It was practically screaming- turn me into a skirt. I simple folded it in half so I would have a ruffle and because it was really long. Then I rolled the edge and stitched it. I inserted some elastic which caused it to gather. 

 It turned out perfect. I love it! 

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