Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creating the Sky

So I had to make a preschool board where I could put the weather, and letters and different things we were learning. In the Mother Goose Time kit I had gotten, they had the idea of creating a garden and then hanging review items on a clothes line. I totally loved the idea and wanted to create a board like that. Now I could have just gone and gotten blue poster board, but what fun would that have been? 

I thought this would be a great project that would help stretch me a little as an artist. I was going to create a huge background to be the sky. I was only allowed to use the color blue and was only allowed to use my paints and sprays. I did a few layers, and thought it looked horrible, but what else could I do? 

I kept coming back to it every few days and would add to it. Add another layer, be a little braver. Add something else. It was a great project and I love the result. Whenever I'm teaching preschool I love using this board. It makes me happy. 

the sky

Don't you just love all the layers and texture?

My preschool garden board.

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