Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I never understood why people were so into SMASH journals. I felt like I have a scrapbook that I am never caught up in. I know have an art journal too to play and create. I journal on the computer.  So why do I need another book? Did any of you feel like me?

When my family went to Hawaii this summer my mom got my sister's SMASH journals. I had bought one for my sister for her birthday only to find out she already had one. So I kept it. My mom and sisters were collecting all those Hawaiian tourist promo magazines and were keeping all the ticket stubs from everywhere we went and it looked like fun. So I joined in. 

And now I'm hooked. My SMASH journal is seriously one of my very favorite things. It combines all the things that I love. I can save memorabilia. I can journal and write things down while they are happening. I can scrapbook and add tons of photos. I can sketch or paint. I can do whatever I want!!!! I love that it's just a book for me and it can be whatever I want. I love that there are no rules. This book is so much fun and just perfect for me. 

Here are a few highlights from my Hawaii pages.

This page (above) is a mostly like a scrapbook page. There's fun paper ripped out of a 5 x 5 mini book, there's titles that I cut out of magazines, there is paint in the background and a darling picture. I love pictures. 

This page is more of a glorified journal. I loved added a few elements, writing with my awesome Faber Castell pens (that I had taken with me), and journaling away.  

I love tis page. It totally captures the feeling of our beach house. It was so relaxing.

This was an art journal page that I did to capture some of the feelings I had on our trip. 

This picture is darling, mostly because of that cute little face. But I love that in my SMASH journal I'm not really afraid of messing up or following the rules. I used way more paint then I typically would have on a scrapbook page and I love it!

See how much fun!!!

I love all the awesome paper for the backgrounds. I've always been a paper hoarder and the fun papers really helped jump start  each page. It's great to have a book for me and my silly memories, where there are no rules. I love coloring outside the lines. 

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