Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ever since I took this She Art Class. I have really loved creating girl's. I love the positive messages on the canvas. I feel like as women we need to remind ourselves to think positive thoughts about ourselves and our lives. I love these works of art because of the sayings on them and how these powerful positive messages are so meaningful. I have loved making these as gifts for other people. I have found so much inspiration in thinking of how to represent someone I love and adding a fun little saying on the canvas for them as well. You can read more about these posts here. I have loved creating these girls, but in all the girls I've done. I've never created one to represent me. Whenever I thought of this overwhelming concept I was lost at where I could even begin...

This started churning in my head. I really wanted to do one for me. One day I just opened my art journal and started playing with a background. I wasn't even planing on creating a girl for me, until it came out. And honestly I loved it. It was soothing and healing, to allow myself that freedom. To create something beautiful to represent me. Usually the entire canvas is driven by the quote. Usually I will come up with the quote for the girl first and then center the whole canvas around it. It usually is the driving force behind my canvas. With this canvas the quote didn't come until the very end. "She loved with all her heart." This canvas means so much to me and represents so much of who I am and what I love. Thanks for letting me share a piece of me with you.

This second girl I created is very simple, but also very beautiful. My family vacations in Maine a lot and I love the simplicity I feel when I'm there. I love the meadows and feeling closer to nature. This is me when I'm that girl. I've always adored the song, "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum. I love the lyrics and took a line form the song to put on this canvas. I also love how I wrote it on with my own handwriting. She is grounded, has strong values and the love of her family. And because she has those things she is free and limitless. 

What art have you done to represent who you are?

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  1. saw your post on Christy Tomlinson facebook so hopped over to your blog, love love your artwork, wonderful and beautiful