Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I was so excited when some women from church approached me about teaching a mixed media class. I knew I had to create my own idea to share. I really wanted to do a house. I thought it would be a great piece to display. I really wanted to do something to make it meaningful. So the first thing we did was take a sharpie and journal on the back our thoughts or feelings on the word home. 

I started with the simple prompt I love that our home is... and just wrote the first things that came into my head. I love that our home has lots of pink. I love when it is filled with giggles and stories and soft baby coos. I love that our home has John Deere tractors, lots of trees, and even a "monster truck." I just wrote things that probably don't mean much to anyone else, but they meant something to me. 

Then we covered it with tissue paper. You can still see the journaling underneath, but the tissue paper gives great texture. Then we added paint and put on the house pieces with fabric, ribbon and buttons. 

What do you love about your home?

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