Monday, March 31, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

Have you been walking around singing the songs to Disney's Frozen in your head? That totally describes us, except it's everyday and not in our heads, but loud and off key. We were pretty much counting down the days until Frozen came out on video and have watched it almost everyday since. When it came time to plan sweet Mckenzie's birthday party, there was no doubt it was to be the best Frozen party ever!!!

My two girls helped with a lot of the planning. One very important detail was to have Olaf outside to greet people. 

Then we turned the house into a winter wonderland. The best decoration of all were the paper snow flakes. They were cheap and easy and made such a big impact. We probably made a hundred of them and taped them up everywhere. 

I bought some digital files on Etsy and printed out a banner and some signs. It was great to have the characters from the movie as a part of the party. 

We did a party Saturday morning complete with PJs and pancakes! All the kids had pancakes dusted with snow (powdered sugar) and decked out with sprinkles! Mckenzie even had candles in her pancake tower. 

 After pancakes and presents the kids colored Frozen coloring pages and made snowmen out of marshmallows!

Our party favor were these wonderful snowflake cookies we made and decorated ahead of time! 

It was a great day. 

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