Thursday, February 6, 2014

Embrace the Imperfection and Cherish the Memory!

Lydia's First Steps

I loved using this paper from Crete Paper. It was the Valentines Day Collection from last year. I just love the colors and love how it made this high energy page. This day was so fun as Lydia took her first wobbly steps in between Tyler and I. 

I repeated the theme of wood grain throughout the layout, like the wood heart and pink wood grain sticker. 

I always have so many pictures and I really want to include them all! So I've decided to use simple pocket pages to hold extra pictures. Here on the right I used a 12 x 4 page protector for those super cute shots I just couldn't leave out. This idea has really simplified scrapbooking for me. I can use all the cute supplies to create beautiful pages with a couple photos and then throw the rest in some divided pages protectors! It speeds up the process while including all your favorite pictures!


I love using The Polka Dot Collection to make this super cute layout of the girls. I love the bright colors!!

I was really inspired by an this episode of Glitter Girl. She talks about still photographing imperfect photos. I have a lot of those!! Like this picture above. I love the memory these pictures evoke, but Lydia isn't smiling in one of them. It's ok. It's ok to use imperfect photos. Thanks Shimelle. What picture do you love, but haven't scrapbooked because it isn't perfect? Embrace the imperfection and Cherish the Memory!

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