Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beautiful Bows

I love Bows! I love Ribbon! With three little girls we have so many bows in our house it is ridiculous. I love attaching them to headbands when they are babies. I love putting them in little pig tails. I love the way they finish an outfit. 

Now I have a whole bunch of bows listed in
Check them out they are amazing!

This bow is great for any holiday. It's cute for Valentines Day, Christmas, the Fourth of July. It dresses up any outfit. 

I love these new layered bows. I love how you can have so many textures and patterns all in one bow! They are my new favorite thing. 

This bow is so darling. I love it clipped to a headband on a sweet little babies head. 

I love them all. They are like a little piece of my heart. Each one is handmade and wonderfully unique. Get your today!

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