Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Art Day

I love to paint. When we were on vacation my husband went quading for the day and I told him I wanted a painting day! I was really inspired by these pictures of Christy's art retreat she had this last summer. I have never painted on a large scale before and wanted to give it a try. My husband made some of these great easels out of simple 1 x 2 boards. Then since large canvases are expensive we all bought foam boards to work with. It was so fun to go outside and be larger then life with our art work. 

We all wanted to do some abstract art! We all picked different colors and made beautiful works of art in our own styles. I wanted to play around and make a fun background, but all I could think about was creating a girl. I started with a simple background and a rough outline of a girl. 

So at first I thought this art day would be just for me, a no kids day. But then I read this amazing blog post by Alisa Burke about Creating with a Kid. She is totally inspiring in how she lives such a creative life. After seeing how much she creates with her daughter I wanted to include my girls in our painting day too. I put them in "paint clothes" that they could get messy, and let them explore. 

Mckenzie was really into finger painting.

Lydia would play, paint, play, paint. 

Addy was very focused. 

Then Mckenzie got into splatter painting. It was so fun to have an art day with my kids too. I loved sharing something I love with them. It was great. They had a blast and painted for hours with me!

We didn't have a lot of paint colors and I quickly ran out of time. This is roughly what my canvas looked like after our art day.  I wish I had taken a better picture, but it was so rough, so I didn't. Everyone had a great day and we enjoyed painting together. There were so really beautiful pieces when we were all done. 

My piece sat unfinished for a couple weeks, until one day I felt inspired again and reworked her. I've been wait to post on her until she was done, but I've realized that will take a long time. I just want to keep adding layers and working on her over time. I'll keep you posted on her progress. 

I added lots of modeling paste for dimension. These flower will be getting lots more paint. One thing I've learned about working on a large painting, it takes lots and lots of paint!!!

I like her blond hair and textured shirt.

I really really like these clouds. So simple, but I love them. 

A work in progress. 

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  1. i loved our painting day :) your girl is turning out great!!