Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's the busiest time of the year…

Aren't the holidays so crazy??? I find my self running around doing so many things that it's hard to slow down and really enjoy the holiday season. I feel like I blinked and Halloween and Thanksgiving just flew by. I had so many more craft projects I wanted to work on, so many more things to do, and now it's almost Christmas! There is so much to do, presents to buy, family to visit, and then my kids get hit with the flu! It has been so crazy I tell you!

Last night we finally decorated our Christmas tree. I love decorating the tree. It is one of my favorite things that we do as a family. We have wonderful Christmas music playing and cookies in the oven. The kids are so sweet as they get out our fun and funky ornaments and laugh about who made them or what they represent. I watch our little 1 1/2 year old put 10 ornaments on the same branch and she was so proud of herself!!! She would do a little dance every time she got a new ornament on. It was pure Christmas magic. I was watching our oldest who is now 6 standing on a chair to put some up high and kept thinking, where did the time go? She is growing up so fast. I know life is crazy and having lots of little kids can be challenging, but I wouldn't trade it! I know these are the moments I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

So what have you been up to lately?

I have been making a million bows!! Here is a big stack of ribbon I was working on while watching the Artsy Ornaments class. This class has really been amazing this year. I have loved getting to know so many different artist and learning from their different styles. I know I'll only have time to make a few  artsy ornaments, but after I watch each video I think, "ok, I've got to make that one too!!!" These teachers are all so talented.

The weather has been getting cold here in Colorado. We got our decorations out and have been trying to get our Christmas shopping done!! Only 20 more days to go!

So my awesome friend Becky and I are throwing a jujuB party this week. We used to run a little crafty business together called jujuB, where we made and sold bows, jewelry, headbands, and other fun girlie stuff! Since we always have so much fun together we decided to get together again and throw a holiday party. I'm so excited to share a sneak peak of what we have been working!!! And don't worry I'll be opening my Etsy store soon, so you can all get in on the action!

So check it out...

Pink chevron, perfect for little pig tails.

These lace bows sell so fast, this is an extra large one that my girls love, and I just designed this new Watermelon Bubble Gum necklace. I love pink and turquoise together. It's a match made in heaven. 

lots of beautiful bubble gum necklaces...

These work great on kids of all ages, babies to teens to adults. They have an adjustable chain in the back so you simply adjust them to your preference and go.

These Bubble Gum necklaces come in a ton of colors and are great stocking stuffers...

We also have these amazing Christmas necklaces that say, "Believe." There are so perfect for the Christmas season and look so cute with any Christmas outfit!

Now on to BOWS!!!! These are super cute and fun Christmas bows which are a great addition to any girl's holiday outfit! 

We have tons of beautiful neutrals, which work great for everyday or a fancy dress. 

Becky and I are kind of in love with these new gold bows!! They are amazing.

And these silver chevron bows and lace burlap bows!!! These go great with everything!! I had to make extras to keep some for myself!

We have lots of fun character bows, which your little girl will flip out for!! My girls wear their My Little Pony bows probably more then anything else! We have La La Loopsy, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Tinkerbell, and Minnie Mouse!

We also have lots of white and blue bows for those who wear uniforms to school! 

And don't worry is your are looking for something else, we probably have it. These is lots more to chose from...

So I have to share my latest bow design!! Introducing the new layered bow!! I was so excited when I put these together. I am totally in love. I love love how you can get more texture and color and pattern all wrapped up in one little bow! These are so perfect and I can't wait for my girls to wear them! I love mixing patterns and color and these will be such a great fashion statement! I love them!

teal and silver? yes please!!!

pink and pink and more pink!!! I love it!

I love ribbon and love making bows! If you live locally I hope to see you on Friday, if not, be watching for my Etsy store to open soon!!!

We also have lots of other great items for sale as well. 

crocheted headbands

adorable baby headbands and flowers

Also fabric headbands and necklaces, we will also have some of our amazing flower earrings too!!!

I also will have prints of my favorite art work for sale!

It'll be a party with lots of goodies! I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak!! See you there!

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