Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fun Kid's Art Day

Today's summer art project was as simple as it was fun! Simply buy a bunch of sponges and cut out shapes. Then dip in paint and create beautiful pictures. We brain stormed some different ideas for pictures and the kids were really creative in how to put shapes together to make pictures. This is a great project to put your kids creativity to the test. 

 For paper we used small poster boards I found at the grocery store. I liked that the poster boards were thicker and could take the paint. You could also get the regular size poster boards and cut them in half. 

They used paint brushes as well as sponges for a few pages. 

Creating outer space with a rocket ship

This one is a boat pulling a tube, since we went boating this summer. 

These ones are house and flowers

Aren't they all so beautiful and fun? Grab some sponges and paint and have fun!

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