Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Shirts

Sorry I have been gone for a while, but my blog was put on hold while I focused on bringing our next little baby into the world. We are so excited to welcome little Austin to the bunch. He is sweet as can be and we just love him so much. 

Isn't there something about the fall that just makes you want to sew? I don't know about you, but when it's chilly outside, nothing is better then a cozy quilt. I made this simple and wonderful quilt last year and we were so excited to get it out again. 

I also made some cute Pumpkin shirts! I took the leftover scraps of fabric from my quilt and laid them down horizontally, then I sewed vertical lines to adhere the strips together. I sewed the strips to a separate piece of fabric then sewed it to the shirt. I love how this technic left frayed edges to the fabric and I love the character the stitching adds. I did the same idea on my Valentines Day Shirts here. 

See all the detail and fun the stitching adds!

For this shirt I did 3 pumpkins and did some other stitching on them as well. 

Lastly I had to make a little baby outfit, so I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest. It was so easy and so cute! I would highly recommend giving it a try! You can also follow my Halloween Board on Pinterest here. 

What fall inspired projects are you working on?

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